Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Using Fresh Fruits or Vegetables to Apply on Skins Is Useless

When we watch films or televisions, we could often see actresses use cucumber and lemon slices to stick on the face to achieve the effect of beautifying skins. However, it is only the wishful thinking. This kind of thinking is absolutely wrong.

Some components in fruits and vegetables really have the skin care effect; but when these components are still in fruits and vegetables, their molecular structure is quite big, which cannot penetrate the skin to be fully absorbed. This reason is obvious, because if these substances could be easily absorbed, the barrier function of skins is already useless and even smaller bacteria could enter into the human body. Therefore, if you want to achieve the effect of skin care, it is better to use the extract of fruits and vegetables such as seaweed extract, cucumber extract and so on, or the distillated extraction such as rose water and calendula water.

Many women have the experience that they get skin allergies after applying fresh fruits slice on face directly. What is the reason on earth? In fact, in order to prevent the insects biting, fruits and vegetables have some toxins to protect themselves such as tartaric acid. All these are easy to cause skin allergies.

As we all know, vitamin C is a good choice to whiten skins. So some people apply lemon slices directly on the face to become white. However, the photonasty of lemon slices is very strong. That is to say, the face will absorb more lights after applying lemon slices and skins are prone to get dark. Therefore, the fruits slices could only let your skins get short moisture, and it may even damage your skins.

Therefore, it is more practical and useful to eat up fruits and vegetables instead of applying on face skins. People are often suggested to eat fruits in the morning, because it is golden time for people to absorb the nutrients and useful elements in fruits and vegetables. People could consider cooking vegetables salad with olive oil to eat raw vegetables. The fresh raw vegetables could not only promote the digestion ability of stomach, but also help the full absorption of vegetables.

How to Eat Black Foods in More Nutritional Ways

Black foods are rich in essential amino acids, which could strengthen the body’s resistance to heat, cold, fatigue and hypoxia. So they are very helpful in improving immunity and preventing aging. Many people know that black foods contain high nutrition and frequent eating is beneficial to body health such as black sesame, black rice, black date, black beans, black fungus and seaweed. But people often make some mistakes to affect the absorption of food nutrients.

Black sesame should be grounded into powder to eat. Black sesame contains abundant unsaturated fatty acids, which help the brain and intellectual development, prevent aging and provide necessary abundant zincs. Eating the whole grain of sesame seeds is not good for body absorption. If people ground sesame seeds to eat, the nutrients in it are easier to be digested and absorbed. People who like eating it should prepare a small mortar or crushers.

Do not get rid of peels of eggplant and grapes in eating. When eating eggplant and grapes, people are accustomed to remove the peels which lose a lot of nutrients virtually. The dark color skins often contain abundant vitamins, dietary fiber and various trace elements. For example, purple grapes contain the antioxidant to prevent aging and its content in peel is much higher than that of flesh. Eggplant is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P, which have the function of lowering cholesterol, improving the flexibility of the capillary and protecting cardiovascular blood vessel. In the eggplant skin, the content of nutritional substance is the highest.

Black bean products could be eaten more. People often pay more special attention to black fungus, mushrooms and seafood, but they often ignore a kind of black food – black beans. The black beans are not only foods but also medicine to supplement kidney and expelling coldness. It is effective in improving the body immunity and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. So, people should eat more black beans products such as black soybean milk and tofu.

Since black foods have so many advantages, people are suggested to add black foods to their daily recipe to have delicious and nutritional meal every day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gastric Cancer Is Getting Closer to Young People

From the latest news, we could often see young people around 30 years old die of gastric cancer or excessive fatigue. All these really shock us. It is the golden age to develop career, compose family and enjoy life, but diseases take away their lives without hesitation. These cases also remind us to have healthy lifestyle.

The incidence of gastric cancer significantly increases with age and the peak age of disease occurrence is after 50 years old. But it does not mean that the gastric cancer is very far away from the young people. From the clinical data of recent years, the incidence of gastric cancer among young people increases rapidly and the incidence is double than that of 30 years ago.

The incidence of gastric cancer is related with diet structure changes, psychological elements and other factors. Middle aged and young people have great work pressure, irregular life, favoring salty and spicy foods and drinking, which could damage the gastric mucosa, leading to gastritis, ulcers and other diseases to increase the probability of cancer.

As the obvious contrast with high incidence, high transfer rate and high mortality, the resection rate and 5-year survival rate are very low. So, enhancing screening is the key point to improve early diagnosis rate. The symptoms of early gastric cancer are similar to that of chronic gastritis and digestive ulcers, so 70% of gastric cancer patients are diagnosed in middle or late period, and the total 5-year survival rate is only 20%. If the gastric cancer is only limited in gastric mucosa, the 5-year survival rate could reach 95%.

To control or even reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, the key is to carry out Helicobacter pylori screening, barium meal or gastroscopy among high-risk groups. People with high risk of gastric cancer should have screening at least twice a year. Now, endoscopy is widely considered as the best way to diagnose early gastric cancer.

Life is so beautiful, and the youth is the best time in the whole life. If people want to enjoy the healthy life, they should take several measures to keep safe living habits such as regular eating, appropriate exercise and good rest. Only by these ways could people prevent horrible diseases including gastric cancer.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Office Workers Should Be Aware of Symptoms of Mania

We could often find that some workers are very angry in facing the computer, and they even vent anger to colleagues and guests to create tense atmosphere. What happened? They may have the psychological disease – mania.

In fact, both mania and depression are mood disorders, which are also known as affective disorder. It is the mental disorder based with obvious and sustained mood changes and people often have the corresponding change in thinking and behavior. This kind of mental disorder often happens between 16 and 30 years old. The incidence age of mania is younger than that of depression.

Overall, the mania is generated by a variety of reasons and they are mainly related the following three ones: First, it may be related with genetic factors. The study found that the morbidity of patients’ relatives is often ten to thirty times than common people, and people of closer genetic connection often have higher incidence. Second, it has relationship with certain nerve chemical substance in brain. Thirdly, it may be caused by some psychological and social factors. That is to say, some events in life may trigger the occurrence of mania. However, different from depression, the potential endogenous problems such as personality and genetic have more influence on common people.

Because of high speed life pace, frequent working overtime and huge competitive pressure, office workers in big cities are easy to be anxious to their current life status and futures; in addition, some people have simple life with narrow social limit, they could not get enough social support as they come across big event or too many troubles. Their depressed negative emotions cannot be expressed immediately, so they are easy to have manic state and even suffer from mania.

Under normal circumstances, mania has three symptoms: high emotion or irritable, wild mind and psychomotor excitement. Different crowds have different symptoms according to their professional characteristics and actions. These three are the common features of mania patients, so people should treat them according to the specific situations.

For mania patients in early period, they can stop taking medicine after treatment. During the maintenance periods, it is better to have psychological treatment to promote the recovery of mania. In treating stage, patients should be active to cooperate with doctors to prevent more serious adverse consequences of mental illness. Office workers should enrich their spare time and learn to regulate their emotions to relax both body and mind. 

How to Protect Your Skins in Various Holiday Activities

How to Protect Your Skins in Various Holiday Activities

In summer holiday, people are suffering from the damage of sunshine, hot weather and even sand. All these will destroy the skins you have maintained for quite a long time. However, if you could take some measures in protecting and remedying skins, I think your skins will no longer be afraid of the serious circumstances.

Swimming in the sea: The strong UV and sea water are easy to cause cuticle damage. Under the sunshine, the hair is easy to lose water and nutrients. When people go out, it is necessary to bring a bottle of hair nutrient spray with them to supplement water and nutrients so that the hairs could be kept in the best situation. After water exercise, people often choose to sit in cool place, but do not forget to have a hair care with hair conditioner to prevent the damage of humid air and sunshine. When the scalp and hairs cool down naturally, you can have thorough clean with the suitable hair care products.

The rising temperature and dry skins: Because of the high temperature, the moisture on the surface of skins will be absorbed by the dry air. In addition to doing some basic skin care, it is necessary to drink at least eight cups of water every day. When you go out, remember to prepare the moisturizing spray so that you can soothe your skins in allergic situation. As to the slight sunburn, you should use the cotton pad which soak in the cosmetic water to cover the skin surface until the skin temperature decreases.

Continuous staying up all night: The skins often cannot bear the staying up all night and become dark. If you really need to do so, you’d better have a thorough cleaning for your skins, such as exfoliate cutin and apply oil controlling mask to help your skin maintain a better state. If your face does not look good, you can apply make-up first such as the powder with SPF index. After staying up all night, use cream to have three minutes of massage or drink fruit juices to refresh the gloss.

We all know that the sunscreen is always useful in outdoor activities. If people need to do exercise, it is better not to make up because it will block the sweating and makes skin red and allergic. Remember to paint the sunscreen every two to three hours and use recovering mask after returning home.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tips for Housewives to Notice in Daily Cooking

Although people often pick the freshest and healthiest foods into supermarket trolley, they often waste some essential nutrients in cooking foods. Therefore, I will give some suggestions of nutritionists and food safety experts in food cooking.

1.      Do not purchase too many vegetables at one time.
From the moment of picking, the vitamins and mineral substances of fruits and vegetables begin to decrease. That is to say, the longer time your vegetables are stored, the fewer nutrients it will contain. The study found that half of the folic acid and 40% of lutein will lose naturally in spinach after one week storage in refrigerator. So, people should not buy too much food materials at once and it is appropriate to buy three times a week.

2.      Do not store foods in transparent container.
If the milk you drink now is stored in transparent plastic bags or bottles, you are suggested to change the container into hard cartons. The abundant riboflavin in milk is easy to lose when exposing to the sunlight. So, milk and cereals should try to avoid be stored in transparent containers.

3.      Do not fry garlic immediately.
The correct way to cook garlic is to crush and slice it, leaving it aside for at least ten minutes before cooking. Crushing the garlic could lead to the chemical reaction of an enzyme, which can release an anti-cancer compounds. Cooking it after ten minutes is to ensure the sufficient time for the formation of compound.

4.      Add some plant seasoning.
Housewives could use some plant seasoning or spices without increasing the use of edible oil and salt, which could not only make the dish delicious but also protect people from the food poisoning. The common seasonings such as clove and cinnamon have strong antibacterial ability to E. coli, staphylococcus and salmonella. It is safe to add half more tablespoon of seasoning to make the dish delicious and healthy.

5.      There is no need to peel thick skins for fruits.
The antioxidant activities of majority fruits skins are 2 to 27 times than that of fruit flesh. Nutritionists recommend that it is enough to peel the surface skin slightly in dealing with potatoes and carrots.

6.      Stewing foods is easy to cause nutrition loss.
Most people believe that stewing is the simple cooking method without oil and nutrient loss. In fact, this cooking method can lead to up to 90% of nutrients loss. The potassium and soluble vitamins could flow out in mixing with water. The dark green and orange vegetables are suitable to be stir-fried.

We need to pay attention to the various details in life so that we can live happily and healthily.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What People Should Notice in Choosing Skin Whitening Products

Currently, there is no such skin whitening product to completely solve the melanin problem in the market. The whitening products could only control the formation process of melanin, but they have no effect to the tyrosine which is fixed inside skins to produce melanin. That is also the reason why people feel that whitening effect is not so obvious.

In fact, Asian people have forever seeking for white skins, and they regard the white skin as the symbol of beauty. However, there is no product to eliminate melanin for them but make their skins more sensitive than before.

In order to create a transparent sense of skins, some exfoliating ingredients are added into whitening products. After long time of using, if people do not pay attention to the daily skin care, there is no doubt that their skins will be so sensitive.

Whitening products are mostly adding denatured alcohol for two reasons. First, it is to create the fresh feeling after using, leaving the imagine space for clean oil-free skins; second, adding the high alcohol content could strengthen the penetration force of skin care products to some extent, so that the whitening ingredients could arrive at deeper layer of skins. However, if it is used for long time, skin dryness problems will follow it and then the less water retention and premature aging of skins will also make you confused.

To pursuit the effect of fast whitening, some whitening products include the extract of citric acid. This kind of ingredient has deep irritation, and the long-term use will make skin black.

Frankly speaking, melanin is one kind of ingredient to protect skins, and it is the self defense reaction after receiving the ultraviolet ray’s radiation. Although whitening skin products could control the formation of melanin, the long-term use will make the melanin dull. So, people are more vulnerable to the UV damage and have sensitive skins.

If the skin products abandon using high-acid element, high alcohol and exfoliating ingredients, they will be suitable to use for a whole year. The necessary vitamin C could not only whiten skin but also prevent oxidation and aging. So, people could identify the elements and order of ingredient list to consider their skin situation.