Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Make Mistakes in Diet If You Want to Keep Healthy

It is not scientific to achieve weight loss goals by only eating fruits, because fruits cannot meet the essential nutritional needs of body, and only eating fruits is easy to cause anemia. Human body cannot live without fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral substances, water and other nutrients. When the diet structure is imbalanced and nutrients intake reduces, the certain proportion of nutrients will fall into disorder.

It is better to eat meat with garlic. The vitamin B1 containing in lean meat stays quite short time in body and it will be discharged with the urine. If the vitamin B1 could combine with the allicin in garlic, it could prolong the staying time of vitamin B1 in body, which plays important roles in promoting blood circulation, improving the absorption and utilization rate of vitamin B1.

Fast food is easy to cause dermatophytosis. Japanese medical community found that patients of limb swelling and abnormal heart increase obviously in these years. They not only have swelling feet, but also have fatigue, palpitation and even death caused by heart attack. The research result shows that fast food is the important reason. The western fast food, breads and canned foods seldom contain vitamin B1, and the high sugar content in these foods make people absorb more sugar. So people are vulnerable to dermatophytosis due to the relatively increased vitamin B1 consumption. Therefore, they should eat more foods containing vitamin B1 such as beans, grains, meat and so on.

After eating a lot of chicken, duck, fish and meat, people often have dizziness, blurred vision, upper extremity numbness, lower jaw trembling, chest tightness, heart palpitations, fatigue and other symptoms. These delicious foods such as chickens, ducks, fish and meat all contain large number of acid sodium. In order to prevent the above symptoms, people should not take too much. In cooking, it is better to use less gourmet powder. Eating some fruits or drinking tea after meals could stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and dispel the harmful substances out of body as soon as possible.

Be far away from the colorful foods. The colors to produce snacks are synthetic pigment, which is extracted from oil or tar. This edible material can consume the detoxification of body, interfere the normal metabolic reaction, and influence the metabolism of sugar, fat, protein, vitamins and hormones. Especially for children, their organs are very fragile and sensitive to chemical substance. Absorbing excessive synthetic pigment could affect the nervous system and cause hyperactivity.

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