Monday, May 7, 2012

Tips for Housewives to Notice in Daily Cooking

Although people often pick the freshest and healthiest foods into supermarket trolley, they often waste some essential nutrients in cooking foods. Therefore, I will give some suggestions of nutritionists and food safety experts in food cooking.

1.      Do not purchase too many vegetables at one time.
From the moment of picking, the vitamins and mineral substances of fruits and vegetables begin to decrease. That is to say, the longer time your vegetables are stored, the fewer nutrients it will contain. The study found that half of the folic acid and 40% of lutein will lose naturally in spinach after one week storage in refrigerator. So, people should not buy too much food materials at once and it is appropriate to buy three times a week.

2.      Do not store foods in transparent container.
If the milk you drink now is stored in transparent plastic bags or bottles, you are suggested to change the container into hard cartons. The abundant riboflavin in milk is easy to lose when exposing to the sunlight. So, milk and cereals should try to avoid be stored in transparent containers.

3.      Do not fry garlic immediately.
The correct way to cook garlic is to crush and slice it, leaving it aside for at least ten minutes before cooking. Crushing the garlic could lead to the chemical reaction of an enzyme, which can release an anti-cancer compounds. Cooking it after ten minutes is to ensure the sufficient time for the formation of compound.

4.      Add some plant seasoning.
Housewives could use some plant seasoning or spices without increasing the use of edible oil and salt, which could not only make the dish delicious but also protect people from the food poisoning. The common seasonings such as clove and cinnamon have strong antibacterial ability to E. coli, staphylococcus and salmonella. It is safe to add half more tablespoon of seasoning to make the dish delicious and healthy.

5.      There is no need to peel thick skins for fruits.
The antioxidant activities of majority fruits skins are 2 to 27 times than that of fruit flesh. Nutritionists recommend that it is enough to peel the surface skin slightly in dealing with potatoes and carrots.

6.      Stewing foods is easy to cause nutrition loss.
Most people believe that stewing is the simple cooking method without oil and nutrient loss. In fact, this cooking method can lead to up to 90% of nutrients loss. The potassium and soluble vitamins could flow out in mixing with water. The dark green and orange vegetables are suitable to be stir-fried.

We need to pay attention to the various details in life so that we can live happily and healthily.

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