Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Using Fresh Fruits or Vegetables to Apply on Skins Is Useless

When we watch films or televisions, we could often see actresses use cucumber and lemon slices to stick on the face to achieve the effect of beautifying skins. However, it is only the wishful thinking. This kind of thinking is absolutely wrong.

Some components in fruits and vegetables really have the skin care effect; but when these components are still in fruits and vegetables, their molecular structure is quite big, which cannot penetrate the skin to be fully absorbed. This reason is obvious, because if these substances could be easily absorbed, the barrier function of skins is already useless and even smaller bacteria could enter into the human body. Therefore, if you want to achieve the effect of skin care, it is better to use the extract of fruits and vegetables such as seaweed extract, cucumber extract and so on, or the distillated extraction such as rose water and calendula water.

Many women have the experience that they get skin allergies after applying fresh fruits slice on face directly. What is the reason on earth? In fact, in order to prevent the insects biting, fruits and vegetables have some toxins to protect themselves such as tartaric acid. All these are easy to cause skin allergies.

As we all know, vitamin C is a good choice to whiten skins. So some people apply lemon slices directly on the face to become white. However, the photonasty of lemon slices is very strong. That is to say, the face will absorb more lights after applying lemon slices and skins are prone to get dark. Therefore, the fruits slices could only let your skins get short moisture, and it may even damage your skins.

Therefore, it is more practical and useful to eat up fruits and vegetables instead of applying on face skins. People are often suggested to eat fruits in the morning, because it is golden time for people to absorb the nutrients and useful elements in fruits and vegetables. People could consider cooking vegetables salad with olive oil to eat raw vegetables. The fresh raw vegetables could not only promote the digestion ability of stomach, but also help the full absorption of vegetables.


  1. i also feel that because of inorganic farming, fruits and vegetables are coated with artificail colours and traces of pseticides which my cause greater harm to skin making them more vulnerable

  2. as we all know, lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin c and may cause superficial hitening effect, as such we tend to use lemon juice directly on nails to whiten them but friends, this may cause much harm to your nails and cuticles than benefit. it may disturb the pH and make them more brittle and dry.

  3. Organically grown Fruits, Vegetables or Aloevera are not sold by vendors in our Area, So, donot follow or practise any home remedy by using juices or pulp of fruits/vege/aloe on skin directly. It may cause more harm than BENEFIT.