Saturday, May 5, 2012

What People Should Notice in Choosing Skin Whitening Products

Currently, there is no such skin whitening product to completely solve the melanin problem in the market. The whitening products could only control the formation process of melanin, but they have no effect to the tyrosine which is fixed inside skins to produce melanin. That is also the reason why people feel that whitening effect is not so obvious.

In fact, Asian people have forever seeking for white skins, and they regard the white skin as the symbol of beauty. However, there is no product to eliminate melanin for them but make their skins more sensitive than before.

In order to create a transparent sense of skins, some exfoliating ingredients are added into whitening products. After long time of using, if people do not pay attention to the daily skin care, there is no doubt that their skins will be so sensitive.

Whitening products are mostly adding denatured alcohol for two reasons. First, it is to create the fresh feeling after using, leaving the imagine space for clean oil-free skins; second, adding the high alcohol content could strengthen the penetration force of skin care products to some extent, so that the whitening ingredients could arrive at deeper layer of skins. However, if it is used for long time, skin dryness problems will follow it and then the less water retention and premature aging of skins will also make you confused.

To pursuit the effect of fast whitening, some whitening products include the extract of citric acid. This kind of ingredient has deep irritation, and the long-term use will make skin black.

Frankly speaking, melanin is one kind of ingredient to protect skins, and it is the self defense reaction after receiving the ultraviolet ray’s radiation. Although whitening skin products could control the formation of melanin, the long-term use will make the melanin dull. So, people are more vulnerable to the UV damage and have sensitive skins.

If the skin products abandon using high-acid element, high alcohol and exfoliating ingredients, they will be suitable to use for a whole year. The necessary vitamin C could not only whiten skin but also prevent oxidation and aging. So, people could identify the elements and order of ingredient list to consider their skin situation. 

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