Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gastric Cancer Is Getting Closer to Young People

From the latest news, we could often see young people around 30 years old die of gastric cancer or excessive fatigue. All these really shock us. It is the golden age to develop career, compose family and enjoy life, but diseases take away their lives without hesitation. These cases also remind us to have healthy lifestyle.

The incidence of gastric cancer significantly increases with age and the peak age of disease occurrence is after 50 years old. But it does not mean that the gastric cancer is very far away from the young people. From the clinical data of recent years, the incidence of gastric cancer among young people increases rapidly and the incidence is double than that of 30 years ago.

The incidence of gastric cancer is related with diet structure changes, psychological elements and other factors. Middle aged and young people have great work pressure, irregular life, favoring salty and spicy foods and drinking, which could damage the gastric mucosa, leading to gastritis, ulcers and other diseases to increase the probability of cancer.

As the obvious contrast with high incidence, high transfer rate and high mortality, the resection rate and 5-year survival rate are very low. So, enhancing screening is the key point to improve early diagnosis rate. The symptoms of early gastric cancer are similar to that of chronic gastritis and digestive ulcers, so 70% of gastric cancer patients are diagnosed in middle or late period, and the total 5-year survival rate is only 20%. If the gastric cancer is only limited in gastric mucosa, the 5-year survival rate could reach 95%.

To control or even reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, the key is to carry out Helicobacter pylori screening, barium meal or gastroscopy among high-risk groups. People with high risk of gastric cancer should have screening at least twice a year. Now, endoscopy is widely considered as the best way to diagnose early gastric cancer.

Life is so beautiful, and the youth is the best time in the whole life. If people want to enjoy the healthy life, they should take several measures to keep safe living habits such as regular eating, appropriate exercise and good rest. Only by these ways could people prevent horrible diseases including gastric cancer.

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