Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Protect Your Skins in Various Holiday Activities

How to Protect Your Skins in Various Holiday Activities

In summer holiday, people are suffering from the damage of sunshine, hot weather and even sand. All these will destroy the skins you have maintained for quite a long time. However, if you could take some measures in protecting and remedying skins, I think your skins will no longer be afraid of the serious circumstances.

Swimming in the sea: The strong UV and sea water are easy to cause cuticle damage. Under the sunshine, the hair is easy to lose water and nutrients. When people go out, it is necessary to bring a bottle of hair nutrient spray with them to supplement water and nutrients so that the hairs could be kept in the best situation. After water exercise, people often choose to sit in cool place, but do not forget to have a hair care with hair conditioner to prevent the damage of humid air and sunshine. When the scalp and hairs cool down naturally, you can have thorough clean with the suitable hair care products.

The rising temperature and dry skins: Because of the high temperature, the moisture on the surface of skins will be absorbed by the dry air. In addition to doing some basic skin care, it is necessary to drink at least eight cups of water every day. When you go out, remember to prepare the moisturizing spray so that you can soothe your skins in allergic situation. As to the slight sunburn, you should use the cotton pad which soak in the cosmetic water to cover the skin surface until the skin temperature decreases.

Continuous staying up all night: The skins often cannot bear the staying up all night and become dark. If you really need to do so, you’d better have a thorough cleaning for your skins, such as exfoliate cutin and apply oil controlling mask to help your skin maintain a better state. If your face does not look good, you can apply make-up first such as the powder with SPF index. After staying up all night, use cream to have three minutes of massage or drink fruit juices to refresh the gloss.

We all know that the sunscreen is always useful in outdoor activities. If people need to do exercise, it is better not to make up because it will block the sweating and makes skin red and allergic. Remember to paint the sunscreen every two to three hours and use recovering mask after returning home.

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