Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Factors That May Affect Appetite of Children

Because of appetite loss, dietary bias and even anorexia, some children could not develop at normal level and their intellectual development has been influenced. Here, we will analyze the reasons of appetite loss for children.

Sweet foods are the favorites of most children and it could influence appetite. We cannot deny that the high-calorie is delicious, but it could not supplement the necessary protein. In addition, children of appetite loss mostly do not like drinking boiled water and they prefer to drink various beverages such as orange juice, sugar water and honey water. The large intake of sugar into body could increase the sugar concentration and blood sugar to a certain level, so that to excite the satiation center and inhibit feeding center. In summer, the various cold drinks could also result in appetite loss. It is not only caused by the high content of sugar but also the gastrointestinal tract function disorders.

Zinc deficiency could cause changes in taste. Clinical research found that the anorexia is closely related with zinc deficiency. The children with abnormal zinc content have less sensitivity to flavors, which is the indirect reason to cause appetite loss. One of the important compositions of taste sense containing in saliva is zinc, and the zinc deficiency could influence the function of taste buds and cause taste dysfunction. Zinc deficiency can lead to mucosal hyperplasia and parakeratosis, and a large number of epithelial cells block taste buds in the tongue. Foods are difficult to reach the taste buds and become insensitive.

Psychological factors cannot be ignored. Under normal circumstances, children have empty stomach and decreased blood sugar but good appetite before meal. However, some reasons such as eating snacks before meal could break this phenomenon. So, parents should leave the time for children to self-regulate their gastrointestinal functions. But many parents do not understand it, and they force children to have meal even with punishing method. However, children will dislike eating and have less appetite.

When parents find their children do not want to eat food, I think their first response should not be angry to force their children to eat but try to find the root reason and solve the problem for children. The best way to solve appetite loss is take correct measurements to cure the root problems for children.

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