Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Make Mistakes in Diet If You Want to Keep Healthy

It is not scientific to achieve weight loss goals by only eating fruits, because fruits cannot meet the essential nutritional needs of body, and only eating fruits is easy to cause anemia. Human body cannot live without fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral substances, water and other nutrients. When the diet structure is imbalanced and nutrients intake reduces, the certain proportion of nutrients will fall into disorder.

It is better to eat meat with garlic. The vitamin B1 containing in lean meat stays quite short time in body and it will be discharged with the urine. If the vitamin B1 could combine with the allicin in garlic, it could prolong the staying time of vitamin B1 in body, which plays important roles in promoting blood circulation, improving the absorption and utilization rate of vitamin B1.

Fast food is easy to cause dermatophytosis. Japanese medical community found that patients of limb swelling and abnormal heart increase obviously in these years. They not only have swelling feet, but also have fatigue, palpitation and even death caused by heart attack. The research result shows that fast food is the important reason. The western fast food, breads and canned foods seldom contain vitamin B1, and the high sugar content in these foods make people absorb more sugar. So people are vulnerable to dermatophytosis due to the relatively increased vitamin B1 consumption. Therefore, they should eat more foods containing vitamin B1 such as beans, grains, meat and so on.

After eating a lot of chicken, duck, fish and meat, people often have dizziness, blurred vision, upper extremity numbness, lower jaw trembling, chest tightness, heart palpitations, fatigue and other symptoms. These delicious foods such as chickens, ducks, fish and meat all contain large number of acid sodium. In order to prevent the above symptoms, people should not take too much. In cooking, it is better to use less gourmet powder. Eating some fruits or drinking tea after meals could stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and dispel the harmful substances out of body as soon as possible.

Be far away from the colorful foods. The colors to produce snacks are synthetic pigment, which is extracted from oil or tar. This edible material can consume the detoxification of body, interfere the normal metabolic reaction, and influence the metabolism of sugar, fat, protein, vitamins and hormones. Especially for children, their organs are very fragile and sensitive to chemical substance. Absorbing excessive synthetic pigment could affect the nervous system and cause hyperactivity.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Addiction Symptoms for People in Modern Society

Facing the double pressure of family and society, office workers especially some single ones devote more energy to their works. Once they stop their works, they will feel helpless and even have the depression of being abandoned. All these negative feelings are buried under the numerous tasks, and psychologists often call it “Pressure Addiction”.

The charm of pressure is the main reason of addiction. People are eager to the feeling of “be needed”, especially for women. To make their existing more important, people often fill full schedule and they are never bored to plan the next action. On the contrary, if these people relax down, they will have a sense of guilt. Even though they cannot find the reason of pressure, they will create some pressure for themselves so that they can be in a high tense status. Otherwise, they will feel empty because their self-value is not fully realized. They believe that people are more successful if they do more than others. In fact, no people could live happily under pressure. And if they live under the pressure for long term, their emotion and health will be damaged seriously.

Salt addiction is caused by the salty diet habits and it is mainly the psychological dependence. The relationship between salt and life is the relationship between three elements including chlorine, sodium and potassium and human electrolytes. Foods contain salt originally, and it is enough to maintain the body’s normal physiological balance. Why do people still need to take excessive salts? There are too answers in scientific community.

Firstly, the salt people take from foods could only meet the temporary requirements of body. Sweating and other reasons may lead to the large loss of salt, and people have to supplement salt as soon as possible. In the long evolution process, human body forms the habit of storing salt as they have the opportunity.

Secondly, the salt could improve the taste of foods obviously and stimulate the appetite. However, some people could also keep healthy without eating salt, and it also proves that the salt in common foods is enough to meet the requirement of body. Eating salt may be a kind of habit, which is inherited to nowadays.

Other diseases such as internet addition and information addition are the production of developed technology and society. If people have such psychological problems, it is better for them to consult psychological doctors and seek for solutions.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    What Foods People Should Eat to Relieve Dry Skins

    Do you often feel your skins taut and even have itching and tingling? In autumn, people’s skins tend to become dry and need supplement. Here, I will recommend several foods for people to nourish their skins in dry autumn and winter.

    Kelp: Kelp tastes salt, and it is the ideal detoxification food to reduce phlegm, diminish inflammation, relieve asthma, detoxify and solve constipation. When the iodine in kelp is absorbed by the body, it could promote the expelling of harmful substances, pathological material and inflammatory. Meanwhile, kelp contains sulfated polysaccharide, which can absorb the cholesterol in blood vessels and excrete it out of body. So, it is suitable to relieve diseases caused by swelling goiter and iodine deficiency, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, drug toxicity and edema.

    Honey: Honey is sweet and it is always the best nutrition to nourish body and expel toxins. It has a significant effect in smoothing lungs, relieving cough and expelling toxins. The main components of honey are glucose and fructose (occupy 65% to 80%), and they are easy to be absorbed by the body. In addition, honey also contains many essential amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and so on. Drinking honey water frequently is very effective in preventing cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia.

    Milk: Many people think that drinking milk in autumn will make the inflammation worse than before. In fact, milk could detoxify the dryness and ease the inflammation. In addition, milk contains more than 70% water, so it could supplement the water body loses by sweating. However, people should remember not to freeze the milk into ice to eat; otherwise many nutrients will be destroyed.

    Cucumber: Cucumber has significant effects in clearing heat, detoxicating and quenching thirst. Cucumber is rich in propyl alcohol, diacid, cucurbitacin, O-fiber and other components, so it is a rare detoxification food. Cucumber acid can promote the body’s metabolism and detoxify; its vitamin C content is five times higher than the watermelon, so it can whiten the skin, maintain elasticity and inhibit melanin formation. Moreover, cucumber can inhibit carbohydrate transferring into fat and do good to lung, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system.

    What’s more, the balanced diet structure is very important. People could also adjust their recipes according to their own situations and what nutrients they are lack of.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Three Factors That May Affect Appetite of Children

    Because of appetite loss, dietary bias and even anorexia, some children could not develop at normal level and their intellectual development has been influenced. Here, we will analyze the reasons of appetite loss for children.

    Sweet foods are the favorites of most children and it could influence appetite. We cannot deny that the high-calorie is delicious, but it could not supplement the necessary protein. In addition, children of appetite loss mostly do not like drinking boiled water and they prefer to drink various beverages such as orange juice, sugar water and honey water. The large intake of sugar into body could increase the sugar concentration and blood sugar to a certain level, so that to excite the satiation center and inhibit feeding center. In summer, the various cold drinks could also result in appetite loss. It is not only caused by the high content of sugar but also the gastrointestinal tract function disorders.

    Zinc deficiency could cause changes in taste. Clinical research found that the anorexia is closely related with zinc deficiency. The children with abnormal zinc content have less sensitivity to flavors, which is the indirect reason to cause appetite loss. One of the important compositions of taste sense containing in saliva is zinc, and the zinc deficiency could influence the function of taste buds and cause taste dysfunction. Zinc deficiency can lead to mucosal hyperplasia and parakeratosis, and a large number of epithelial cells block taste buds in the tongue. Foods are difficult to reach the taste buds and become insensitive.

    Psychological factors cannot be ignored. Under normal circumstances, children have empty stomach and decreased blood sugar but good appetite before meal. However, some reasons such as eating snacks before meal could break this phenomenon. So, parents should leave the time for children to self-regulate their gastrointestinal functions. But many parents do not understand it, and they force children to have meal even with punishing method. However, children will dislike eating and have less appetite.

    When parents find their children do not want to eat food, I think their first response should not be angry to force their children to eat but try to find the root reason and solve the problem for children. The best way to solve appetite loss is take correct measurements to cure the root problems for children.

    Monday, April 23, 2012

    How to Clear Intestines and Stomach after Festivals to Keep Healthy

    When there are toxins in human body, their faces will have acne and the puffiness is inevitable. So, how to recover your body health after eating too much foods in festival? The following tips must be very useful.

    Trick 1: Apple
    Apple's cellulose content is higher than normal fruit. It also contains a number of apple pectin, which will soften the stool and be helpful on defecation. However, to those people who have more serious gastrointestinal problems, defecation results of apples are not too obvious.

    Trick 2: Black fungus and Yoga
    Black fungus is a very good food to clear intestines. Dried food will expand with water and bring more water to intestine. At the same time, a large number of additional or supplementary exercises are also necessary such as yoga.

    Trick 3: Drink cold milk with empty stomach
    Drink cold milk when you are hungry for the cold stimulation will speed up bowel movements. Milk contains a large number of lactose and many people are lack of the lactase to absorb the milk. So after drinking milk, lactose is not digested into the colon to be excreted rapidly. However, we should know that long-term drinking milk with empty stomach is a certain injury to our health.

    Trick 4: Drink honey with empty stomach
    Sugars contained in honey are rich and they can absorb water to remain in the intestine. Intestinal peristalsis is the quickest when people eat foods with empty stomach. I have to remind you to use warm water to drink honey, or the nutrition structure will be destroyed.

    Trick 5: Eat kelp
    Kelp could promote metabolism, reduce blood pressure, decrease heart fat, break pathosis organization and bring down the cholesterol concentration. Kelp contains less sodium chloride but more calcium.

    The above five kinds of foods are usual and you can buy them in the market. If you feel discomfort in stomach, you can buy some to adjust your stomach and intestines. 

    Friday, April 20, 2012

    What Important Issues Liver Diseases Patients Should Notice

    In the cold winter, people should pay special attention to the recurring of some diseases such as liver diseases. It is especially important for them to have daily health care. The followings are some important issues patients of liver diseases should notice.

    1.       Keep warm: The most important thing patients need to do is keep warm. The body function and prevention mechanism have decreased to certain extent in winter, so patients of liver diseases should keep warm against the attack of flue and other viruses.

    2.       Reasonable diet structure: Patients should avoid eating spicy foods to avoid the weakening digestive function. 90% of alcohol is metabolized in liver, and alcohol could interrupt and destroy the normal enzyme system of liver cells and even cause liver cell necrosis. Therefore, patients of liver diseases should be strict in giving up alcohol. In addition, the processed food, high-copper diet and high protein diets are bad for patients, so they have to eat less. Except the spiritual and medical treatment, the diet treatment is the most basic. In recent 30 years, the diet structure of liver diseases patients should obey the principle of high protein, high sugar, high vitamins and low fat. This therapy has certain effect in reducing cirrhosis ascites, help the liver cells repair and prolong the lifetime.

    3.       Prohibit abusing of drugs: Drugs have a lot of damages to the liver, so the patients should use drug rationally under the guidance of doctors. Patients of liver diseases should not supplement nutrients blindly, because balanced diet is the essential condition to maintain good health. The improper supplement will cause organ functional disorders and broken balance.

    4.       Optimistic attitude: It is of great help to the recovery of any disease. In addition, sufficient sleep, proper nutrition, regular living habits, and good combination of work and rest are also important. Patients of liver diseases should avoid anger, pessimism and anxiety; otherwise, their situations will be worsening.

    5.       Insist in doing exercise: Patients could choose to do morning exercise according to their physical conditions, such as walking, tai chi and swimming. The proper training is useful in enhancing immunity and protecting liver.

    Therefore, patients of liver diseases are suggested to adhere to the above principles. It must be useful to protect to resist the cold winter safely.

    How to Prevent Cancer through Details in Life

    Cancers are not entirely influenced by genetic factors, and some cancers are acquired in the process of your daily life. So, developing a good life habit, living far away from factors which will result cancer, eating more anti-cancer foods and doing more exercise are good ways to prevent yourself from cancer. The following are several ways to prevent cancers.

    Go to hospitals to examine cancer regularly including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer and skin cancer. Consult doctors about the age and time interval requirements of your body examination. Early detection of cancer can increase the possibility of curability and decrease the death rate.

    No smoking. Do not use nicotine products. If you are trying to giving up smoking, please continue and you will reach your goal finally. Control your drinking. It means man shall not drink more than two bottles of beer and women shall not drink more than one bottle of beer every day. Meanwhile, guarantee the lowest drinkable wine does not mean that people can accumulate the wine of a whole week and drink to their fill at the weekend. Alcohol contains some carcinogen and will stimulate the variation of inflammation reaction and production organization of mucous membrane organization. The habit of excessive drinking will result in malnutrition, decrease of immunity and the increasing rate of suffering from cancers.

    Protect your skin from the sun. Every time you go out, you’d better coat suntan oil or wear sun helmet and sunglasses. Do not expose yourself to the environment of carcinogen. The radiation exposure and some chemical materials will result in cancer. Control your weight in the normal range according to your height. That is to say, you should make your weight fit Body Mass Index. To avoid the hormone therapy in menopause, you should limit hormone intake in five years if it necessary for your body.

    What’s more, you could eat more anti-cancer vegetables and fruits and do some exercises. If you want to keep your body healthy, correct living habit is the most important.