Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Prevent Cancer through Details in Life

Cancers are not entirely influenced by genetic factors, and some cancers are acquired in the process of your daily life. So, developing a good life habit, living far away from factors which will result cancer, eating more anti-cancer foods and doing more exercise are good ways to prevent yourself from cancer. The following are several ways to prevent cancers.

Go to hospitals to examine cancer regularly including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer and skin cancer. Consult doctors about the age and time interval requirements of your body examination. Early detection of cancer can increase the possibility of curability and decrease the death rate.

No smoking. Do not use nicotine products. If you are trying to giving up smoking, please continue and you will reach your goal finally. Control your drinking. It means man shall not drink more than two bottles of beer and women shall not drink more than one bottle of beer every day. Meanwhile, guarantee the lowest drinkable wine does not mean that people can accumulate the wine of a whole week and drink to their fill at the weekend. Alcohol contains some carcinogen and will stimulate the variation of inflammation reaction and production organization of mucous membrane organization. The habit of excessive drinking will result in malnutrition, decrease of immunity and the increasing rate of suffering from cancers.

Protect your skin from the sun. Every time you go out, you’d better coat suntan oil or wear sun helmet and sunglasses. Do not expose yourself to the environment of carcinogen. The radiation exposure and some chemical materials will result in cancer. Control your weight in the normal range according to your height. That is to say, you should make your weight fit Body Mass Index. To avoid the hormone therapy in menopause, you should limit hormone intake in five years if it necessary for your body.

What’s more, you could eat more anti-cancer vegetables and fruits and do some exercises. If you want to keep your body healthy, correct living habit is the most important.

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