Friday, April 20, 2012

What Important Issues Liver Diseases Patients Should Notice

In the cold winter, people should pay special attention to the recurring of some diseases such as liver diseases. It is especially important for them to have daily health care. The followings are some important issues patients of liver diseases should notice.

1.       Keep warm: The most important thing patients need to do is keep warm. The body function and prevention mechanism have decreased to certain extent in winter, so patients of liver diseases should keep warm against the attack of flue and other viruses.

2.       Reasonable diet structure: Patients should avoid eating spicy foods to avoid the weakening digestive function. 90% of alcohol is metabolized in liver, and alcohol could interrupt and destroy the normal enzyme system of liver cells and even cause liver cell necrosis. Therefore, patients of liver diseases should be strict in giving up alcohol. In addition, the processed food, high-copper diet and high protein diets are bad for patients, so they have to eat less. Except the spiritual and medical treatment, the diet treatment is the most basic. In recent 30 years, the diet structure of liver diseases patients should obey the principle of high protein, high sugar, high vitamins and low fat. This therapy has certain effect in reducing cirrhosis ascites, help the liver cells repair and prolong the lifetime.

3.       Prohibit abusing of drugs: Drugs have a lot of damages to the liver, so the patients should use drug rationally under the guidance of doctors. Patients of liver diseases should not supplement nutrients blindly, because balanced diet is the essential condition to maintain good health. The improper supplement will cause organ functional disorders and broken balance.

4.       Optimistic attitude: It is of great help to the recovery of any disease. In addition, sufficient sleep, proper nutrition, regular living habits, and good combination of work and rest are also important. Patients of liver diseases should avoid anger, pessimism and anxiety; otherwise, their situations will be worsening.

5.       Insist in doing exercise: Patients could choose to do morning exercise according to their physical conditions, such as walking, tai chi and swimming. The proper training is useful in enhancing immunity and protecting liver.

Therefore, patients of liver diseases are suggested to adhere to the above principles. It must be useful to protect to resist the cold winter safely.

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